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Design, fabrication and installation of granite items in Tallinn.

The granite is an eternality stone. Everything made of granite is outside the time. A design implemented in granite hardened by earth interior fire spreads over the centuries.

Our firm specializes in fabrication of the granite items. Due to its unique properties and good structure historically this stone is in great demand as base one for fabrication of various items as well as a finishing material for premises lining and pavements.

We are able to propose an optimum price for our customers in view of in-house fabrication and directdeliveries from mine sites with no middlemen involved.

Our customers always obtain more than expected viz. excellent quality and sophisticated esthetics due to huge experience and workmanship of our artists and workers.

Image application (portraits, landscape scenes, graphics and text) is manually performed by artists with the help of engraving. Moreover, we are capable to perform all kinds of stone restoration.


Our services:


1. Granite set and pavements - fabrication and paving of pavements, grounds;

2. decorative granite items - balusters, bas reliefs, flowerpots, balls, friezes...;

3. fabrication and installation of granite staircase flooring boards and stairs;

4. fabrication and installation of granite sills;

5. fabrication of furniture pieces:

- shelves,

- benches,

- table board,

- chairs;

 6. granite grave structures - monuments, fences, Blue Plaques;

7. granite tile finishing of premises and facades.

We can fabricate the stock produced items as well as the exclusive one.

The item price is determined by specification of material used and scope of works for preparation,

fabrication and item installation.


Geography of our activity - Estonia and Ukraine !

“Green Stone Estonia” is a thorough and proper activity.


If you have some questions concerning procurement of our products, please send the to our email:

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