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exlusive2In effect any custom-fabricated granite item is considered

an exclusive one. These are various monuments, granite finishing of fire places or swimming-pool; park

and room fountains, fetial bas-reliefs (emblems), wall medallions for country mansions, even small gift

and portrait sculptures.

Items of this kind fit harmoniously into the office interior of solid venture as well as into the interior of

unassertive town apartments. Nowadays you have an opportunity to order the granite items, which have

long service life and owing to the granite properties these items are tolerant to the temperature

variations and moisture attack including a mechanical damage. Shape and dimensions are totally

adapted to the Customer.

In spite of look of the exclusive granite items as luxury and expensive one, they are quite available to

buy. Practically everybody is able to buy or order the exclusive granite items if knows where to apply. It is

clear that peculiarity of fabrication (each unique sculpture, fountain or interior finishing of premises are

one-shot) involves some costs.

But otherwise a cost for fine, original items made of natural rock varies based on dimensions, dressing

complexity, a desired texture and order schedules.

Mining and up-to-date methods of rock dressing significantly simplifies and cheapens granite-fabricated

items and other pieces. Owing to that now fabrication of exclusive granite items depends upon

Customer’s taste and wills including financial abilities to some extent.

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