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Design and finishing of facades, walls, floors, pavements and grounds with the granite tile and paving blocks in Tallinn.

The granite is one of the most tough and long-lived rocks. It is used for fabrication of various items.. Due to its running abilities this esthetically beautiful natural stone has a lot of advantages compared with other materials.

The unique granite properties ensure its all-weather usage. As this stone can endure unusual temperature difference, it is widely used for fabrication of blocks for pavements, garden paths and country mansions. The grounds, bridges, alleys and pavements paved by the granite paving blocks looked pleasant and sweetly. The feasibility of the granite usage is proved by its famous toughness and resistance to a permanent mechanical stress typical of public places.

Our firm propose you to order the granite items and the following scope of works using this rock:

• internal and outside finishing of premises;

• granite tiling of pavements.

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