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fireplace1Design, fabrication and installation of the granite items in Tallinn.

People pay special attention to a widespread and at the same time an unique finishing material - granite while setting up their own houses. Any item made of such tough and quite beautiful mineral will be an excellent update to any interior/exterior either landscape decoration or elegant gift. You can admire the granite like flowers.

What does this material represent? It is an intrusive, volcanic rock of granular texture (even-grained and inequigranular) Deep acid igneous rock.

Colors of granite are predetermined by coloring of field spars. The may be light-grey, a little bit yellow, pinkish, red and green tones. It is used as a construction material (tile,bar, etc. ) as well as material for artistic sculpture.

Oue firm proposes to order the following granite items of high quality:

1. decorative granite items - balusters, bas reliefs, flowerpots, balls, friezes...;

2. fabrication and installation of granite staircase flooring boards and stairs;

3. fabrication and installation of granite sills;

4. fabrication of furniture pieces:

- shelves,

- benches,

- table board,

- chairs;

5. granite grave structures - monuments, fences, Blue Plaques ;

6. granite tile finishing of premises and facades.

We are glad to fabricate the stock produced granite items as well as the exclusive one and perform a scaled work package for placemaking and building fit-out. 

If you have some questions concerning procurement of our products, please send the to our email:

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